Officer injured in police-involved shooting was struck by 'friendly fire', police say

Investigators say a Philadelphia police officer suffered a non-fatal gunshot wound when he was struck by friendly fire during a struggle with an armed suspect who was shot and killed. 

Officers from the Philadelphia Police Department responded to a property on the 2800 block of Ruth Street for reports of shots fired. Four officers entered the basement of the property and found Dimitri Klimov hiding in a crawl space.

With officers flanking both sides of the crawl space, investigators say Klimov armed himself with a rock and refused commands to surrender. After several minutes of refusal, police say an officer drew his Taser and Klimov grabbed it. 

Authorities say the Taser was deployed, but did not say if it struck Klimov. During the struggle, police say an officer noticed Klimov was armed with a gun which caused three officers to open fire. 

During the gunfire an officer -  identified by police as ‘Officer A’ - fell to the ground with a gunshot wound to the hand. He was taken to Temple University Hospital and placed in stable condition. 

Investigators say Klimov was later removed from the crawl space by SWAT officers with a gunshot wound to the chest. He was pronounced dead by medics on scene.

Days after the deadly shooting, investigators from Philadelphia Police Department reported that the officer who was injured was stuck by "friendly fire."