Philadelphia officer not seriously hurt after being hit by suspected drunk driver

A Philadelphia police officer is expected to be OK after authorities said she was hit by a suspected drunk driver who was later arrested Wednesday night.

Chief Inspector Scott Small told reporters that two officers were walking back to their car during a traffic stop on the 6700 block of Torresdale Avenue when the officer on the driver's side was struck by a black Chevy that crossed over the double yellow lines. 

Small said the 44-year-old officer was launched 10 feet and landed on the northbound side of the road. She was taken by ambulance to Jefferson Hospital with head injuries and bruises, but is in stable condition.

Witnesses told police the driver sped away from the collision and drove through several red lights. Small said the vehicle blew through a red light at the intersection of Torresdale and Cottman avenues and nearly struck a police car.

Those officers followed the suspect's vehicle and saw the driver, a 42-year-old man, pull over and start walking down the street. He was placed in custody by the trailing officers. 

Small said the driver "appears to be intoxicated" and was taken to police headquarters for testing. 

No charges were reported immediately following the hit-and-run crash.



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