Officer shot 7 times gets special surprise

A special surprise for the local police officer shot seven times last month and miraculously survived.

You may remember Folcroft officer Chris Dorman was released from the hospital just three days after being shot in the face, leg and groin. Four of the bullets were stopped by his protective vest, but he had to endure two surgeries.

Turns out, he's also a Jeep lover, so the Southern Delaware Jeep Club joined with Extreme Terrain and Turn5 to upgrade the hero's car!

They surprised the 25-year-old with thousands of dollars' worth of upgrades on his Jeep!

Chris' dad was in on the surprise. He had pretended to take the Jeep a week ago and get the check engine light checked out.

On June 24, people at an apartment building had reported others smoking marijuana and dealing drugs. Officer Dorman went to investigate. That's when he was shot more than a half-dozen times.