Officials: Temple student dies after falling from dorm building

A Temple University student has died following injuries sustained from a fall on Tuesday at 1940 Residence Hall, according to the university.

Richard Dalcourt, a first-year student in the College of Engineering, was only 19 years old.

In a letter to students, faculty and staff, the university president notes that counseling is available for students as needed.

Below is the letter in full:

Dear students, faculty and staff,

It is with tremendous sadness that I inform the Temple community of the death of Richard Dalcourt, a first-year student in the College of Engineering. He died today, Oct. 3, in a fall from his residence hall. Mr. Dalcourt started at Temple this semester and was a mechanical engineering major. He was 19 years old.

We join Richard's family and friends in mourning his loss.

Tragedies such as these affect many members of our community. Counseling for students is provided by Tuttleman Counseling Services, based at 1700 N. Broad St. More information is available at 215-204-7276 or at the Tuttleman Counseling Services website.

Please keep Richard and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Richard M. Englert