Organization pairs artists with cancer survivors to help tell their story

"Twist Out Cancer," an organization that pairs cancer survivors with artists, is set to host an event in Philadelphia this weekend. 

Janine Kirby, a cancer survivor, and Peter Milou, an local artist, are just one pair who will have their art available for purchase at Yards Brewery Wednesday night.

"I'm like, 'I don't have an artistic bone in my body, I'm not sure what I'm going to do!' and (Milou) said 'Trust me, trust the process,'" Kirby said.

Together, they made two art pieces at Milou's studio in Bristol.

"I love watching other people make art and I like to help them calm their fears or let the fear become their friend," Milou said.

Kirby was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 24 and later suffered a tramatic brain injury.

"I was told I'd be lucky to make it to 30. I'm 44 years old and still swinging and I'm proud to share my story and give back to the cancer community," Kirby said.

Milou found outlets like 'Twist Out Cancer' after he had a scare with a brain tumor. He says it changed his life.

"My art took on a new brand of being: very philanthropic," Milou said.

All funds from the event will go back into the program as it moves from city-to-city.

"I'm hoping a donor buys one of these pieces and gives it to Janine," Milou said. "Especially this one becasue it's the fire one and I feel it's her baby."

Kirby's called her creation "Fleur de Les," which translates to "Hope for the day."

Anyone interested in attending the "Twist out Cancer" event Wednesday night at Yards Brewery can find more information here.