Osprey steals man's favorite cashmere scarf to build nest

A St. Pete man and a couple of ospreys are now forever linked after one of the birds stole the guy's prized cashmere scarf for its nest.

Whenever it gets chilly, Michael Maiello always wraps up in his black-and-white scarf.

"I've had it 18 years. It's cashmere, 6-foot long, a foot wide, beautiful! It wraps around," he described.

He wore it a few days ago when he walked his two dogs around Coquina Key Park. Unfortunately for him, he lost it that day.

"I had a sweatshirt on with a hoodie so I didn't feel it fall off," he said. "I'm thinking, 'Aw man, it's gone, my bad.'"

He eventually would find the missing scarf. The only problem: It was high off the ground in an osprey nest.

"I feel honored that they have my scarf," Maiello joked. "I feel connected now. It's very cosmic."

Maiello has affectionately named one of the osprey Scarface.