Owners of Atilis Gym claim health department plans on changing their locks Monday

The owners of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr are ready to go to battle once again with New Jersey’s Health Department. They say the state is threatening to change their locks and shut them down.

“Friday he filed for contempt of court and he got his court case immediately on Monday at 12:00. So we’ll be in court Monday at 12:00," Ian Smith told FOX 29.

The co-owners will phone into that session. They claim the state's health department will arrive on Monday to physically change the locks to the gym to stop people from working out. 

“Tomorrow no matter what, our doors will be open early, and they might be off the hinges after that. You can’t change the locks on something that is not there. We’ll be open 24 hours a day until they arrest us," Frank Trumbetti explained.

The owners think the gym shutdown has gone on far too long.

“They asked for two weeks, it’s been four months. It is 125 days. No, they have no intention of opening up gyms whatever. All they keep talking about is their spike, they have false numbers.”

They added they've received incredibly strong customer support.


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