PA man charged in brutal beating and robbery in Easton

A Pennsylvania man is facing multiple charges after he attacked and robbed another man in downtown Easton.

Richard Dwight Stonewall, 34, is wanted for the incident, after he reportedly beat another man unconscious and stole his backpack, Tuesday night.

Stonewall allegedly left the unconscious man in the street, where he was later discovered by a passerby.

According to police, a witness identified Stonewall as the attacker and he has been charged with robbery, aggravated assault, simple assault recklessly endangering another person, harassment and theft.

The incident comes just 24 hours after Stonewall was cited for public drunkenness, by officers that found him lying in the road in Easton, high on synthetic pot.

Stonewall is also facing charges in a Forks County car crash in April, that left an Easton woman severely injured.