Pa. Turnpike offers partial amnesty ahead of crackdown

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is providing an incentive for those who owe unpaid tolls or fees because next month, it's going to start suspending motor vehicle registrations.

The agency said Wednesday it'll waive additional fees if people pay invoices and violations before a new law takes effect on Aug. 4, which will let it request PennDOT suspend registrations.

The state says nearly 11,000 people owe a collective $17 million. Members of that group have either six or more outstanding invoices or violations, or owe at least $500 in tolls and fees.

The Turnpike Commission says it mailed an average of 26 violations and invoice notices to each of the 11,000 people on the top toll scofflaw list.

Anyone who owes for tolls or violations can take advantage of the partial amnesty program. Click here for details.