Parents Concerned Over Bed Bugs at Local Elementary School

Levittown, PA. (WTXF) Bed bugs were found inside a Bucks County school. It has some parents concerned about the school is responding. But school officials at the elementary school in Levittown say they've got everything under control. So is that enough to ease the fears of some very worried parents?

It's been the routine at Dana DePerro's house since late last month when her son Cole comes home from school.

"He gets to the front door. I take off all his clothes, everything goes in a dryer, book bag stays outside, sneakers go in the dryer," Dana told FOX 29.

Dana's worried about bed bugs at Cole's school-- Mary Devine Elementary. She says a note went out to the parents of two kindergarten classes more than two weeks ago that a single bedbug was found in her son's locker, but that he was not the source. She pressed for answers, but says, she was repeatedly told that a bedbug sniffing dog found no others.

"They pretty much said there's nothing they can do. There's nothing they're gonna treat because nothing was found," she explained.

That is, until last Friday, when she walked in the school and says she saw the principal taping off sections of hallways.

"He comes in the office and stated the dogs were back there Thursday evening, and there's three spots found of active bedbugs," Dana said.

She and others are angry that the school didn't exterminate the entire building immediately and never notified the parents of students in other parts of the building.

"I found out about it on Facebook," she said.

Joy Andrews has two sons there.

"Treat the entire school, not just one or two classrooms, because bedbugs are not gonna stay in one room, they're going to travel. They're not going to stay in one locker, they're going to travel," Joy said.

But a district spokesperson told FOX 29 students in other areas were not affected. and it's not safe to treat widespread areas where bedbugs aren't found. In the school told us, two wings of the building will now be treated Tuesday after school and will reopen Wednesday morning.

Several parents FOX 29 spoke were not too concerned.