Parents worried for students' safety amid uptick in fights, bullying at Pennsylvania high school

Parents of students at a Delaware County high school are demanding action from school leaders after they say fights and bullying have spiraled out of control. 

Just days into the new school year, videos of brutal beat downs at Chichester High School have been posted to social media. One of the recordings shows a 9th grader being pummeled on the school bus, other fights have erupted inside school stairwells and classrooms. 

Jennifer Frazier, a mother of two at Chichester High School, told FOX 29 that her daughters are currently being bullied by classmates. The torment is so bad that the girls say they're afraid to go to school. 


"These kids will fight adults they don’t care," Frazier said. "My worst fear is losing a child because no one is stepping up to take accountability." 

She said every day her daughter needs to request a ‘Flash Pass’ to raise in the classroom when she's getting bullied. Frazier believes that the school's lackluster remedy to fight the bullying being inflicted on her daughter could lead to more problems. 

FOX 29's Chris O'Connell reviewed the district's bullying policy and noted that it did not include the use of a ‘Flash Pass.'

The Upper Chichester School District said it can’t comment on specific student matters, but they are aware of the videos and had a meeting with school resource officers to discuss recent incidents.

"If someone is concerned about going to school they should notify the police, they should notify the administrators, if it’s a true threat to safety they need to notify someone," Solicitor of the Upper Chichester School District Michael Puppio said.