Police: Driver injured in crossfire shooting that erupted near busy Philadelphia rec center

Police say they are investigating a shooting that left one woman injured as she was driving home from work in North Philadelphia on Tuesday night. 

At around 7:10 p.m., police say they received a call about a shooting on the 3100 block of North 22nd Street. 

After arriving to the scene, police say they located a woman in a car who was suffering a gunshot wound. 

Authorities say the victim was traveling north down 22nd Street when she came across large crowds of people running in the area. The victim, not realizing there was a shootout going on between two groups of people who were firing shots from opposite sides of the sidewalk, drove through the crowd and ended up getting shot. 


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A bullet went through the victim's driver side door, striking her in the left thigh, officials say. After being hit, the victim continued driving until she approached the intersection of North 22nd Street and West Allegheny Avenue where police say they found her in her car. 

Police took the victim to Temple Hospital where she was placed in stable condition. Captain John Walker told reporters that they believe the victim was working to register people to vote near the Panati Recreation Center. 

Captain Walker described two suspects who he believes were firing shots from the crowds of people. He described the first suspect as a man, dressed in a yellow shirt and red pants. The second suspect is also as a man who was wearing a gray sweatshirt and black track pants, according to Walker. 

Walker said the first suspect was seen in a video handing a gun off to the second suspect. Authorities say they are hoping to receive more surveillance footage from businesses in the area as they continue to investigate. 

Officials say they do not have a motive at this point in the investigation, and they are asking anyone with information to contact them.