Police have located a stolen food truck days after it was taken from a private lot by thieves in a U-Haul

A Philadelphia food truck that was stolen from a private lot in Bridesburg last weekend has been located, according to police. The truck has extensive damage, but the owners say they are happy to have something to build back their business. 

At around 5:30 Sunday morning, someone drove a U-Haul truck onto a guarded lot in Bridesburg and left with the Lui's Kitchen Food Truck attached to its trailer. 

Kris and Trisha Dowgiewicz, owners of the food truck, say they poured money, time, and energy into their mobile restaurant for months until it came to fruition just three weeks ago. 

"We're trying to make some good Philly food with a southern twist," said Kris Dowgiewicz.

Lui's Kitchen Food Truck, named after Kris and Trisha's one-year-old daughter, is a popular stop among locals as the couple says they sold out of all their food at an event the day before it was stolen. 

"It was very, very promising. We were on a high on Saturday night, and we were like, 'This is great." Then, Sunday morning it came crashing down on us," said Trisha Dowgiewicz.


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A surveillance video obtained by FOX 29 shows the U-Haul truck drive onto the private lot of the Arsenal Campus on Tacony Street. Police say the suspected thieves also made off with items that belonged to other food trucks on the lot, like generators, appliances and cookware, and even a POS system, which customers use to pay. 

"They're so bold," said Trisha. "Criminals are so bold these days, they just have no respect. All these people are such hardworking individuals that just want to do good and serve the community, and we just get screwed over. It sucks," said Trisha. 

The alleged theft is the third issue that the Dowgiewiczs' have had to deal with since their business came to life. They say someone smashed in the windshield of the truck that pulls the food trailer and after that, someone stole their catalytic converter. 

"You want to stay positive, of course, but after so many hits, you just feel down in the dumps. We think it's worth it, we know it is, we just hope everyone else believes that, too," said Trisha. 

The business owners are vowing to come back and keep their business in Philadelphia, they say it just might take some time, especially after finding their truck on Wednesday night and realizing that the thieves caused extensive damage to the exterior of the truck.

"You want to keep fighting, have that grittiness, so you know, we hope to get back up and running as soon as possible," said Kris. 

Northeast detectives say they are actively investigating and working on pulling more videos that may show a better view of the U-Haul and the suspected thief. They are asking anyone with information to contact them. 

In the meantime, Lui's Kitchen is looking for a new food trailer. You can visit their Instagram here