Pat’s Steaks Shooting: 2 plead guilty to charges in deadly shooting outside cheesesteak shop

A Pennsylvania man who was involved in a fight-turned-deadly shooting outside a popular Philadelphia cheesesteak shop over a year ago pleaded guilty to charges. 

Paul Burkert, 37, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and weapons charges related to the shooting death of 22-year-old David Padro Jr. outside Pat's King of Steaks in July 2021. 

According to police, Burkert fatally shot Padro in the back outside the popular Philadelphia cheesesteak location on East Passyunk Avenue just before 1 a.m. The District Attorney’s office told reporters that witnesses said the fight was over a parking space, despite initial reports that it stemmed from a football rivalry.

Defense attorney A. Charles Peruto Jr. claimed Burkert was being "getting pummeled" before the shooting occurred. Peruto said his client was left with cuts on his face and his own blood in his hair, face, chest, and clothing. He called the shot "a necessary action to prevent serious bodily injury to himself." 


Peruto said his client then left the area because of what he called a "mob that was gathering" and called police from Independence Mall.

Padro’s father said his son and his girlfriend were in Philadelphia to go to a nightclub and had stopped for a bite to eat.

Jamie Frick, 38, of Lebanon County, also pleaded guilty Monday to charges of simple assault and reckless endangerment related to the deadly shooting of Padro Jr. 

Both Burkert and Frick will be sentenced on July 7, according to the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office.