Peacock Roams Around Delaware County

Brookhaven, Pa. (WTXF) You wouldn't necessarily think you're going to see a peacock roaming around neighborhoods in Pennsylvania. But one of the pretty birds has been left homeless ever since a tornado hit Delaware County last year.

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you that is a peacock making himself perfectly at home on this front porch in Brookhaven.

"We call him Pete. A lot of people call him Bingo- Ernie," Brookhaven resident Kelly Barretta told FOX 29.

"We call him Argus, just us. There's a myth about Argus the peacock," said resident Julie Jackman. "Everyone on the street has a different name for him. We all talk about him like he is ours like we know him."

This pretty peacock just showed up with his mate after a bad storm back in June. Neighbors think they wandered away from their home. The female was rescued but no one can catch this guy who seems perfectly content to stick around.

"He usually walks up and down the street," said resident Jim Gardler.

Kelly Barretta says her 14-year-old daughter Molly even feeds him right out of her hand.

Jim Gardler and his family even buy mealworms online for the wayward peacock. They say he shows up almost every night, coming right up to his doorstep around dinner time.

Jim says the peacock sleeps in the trees at night and struts his stuff during the day. Jim lives on Marianne Drive where at his end of the street this guy is known as Pete.

"That's what we've been calling him. We actually will call Pete and he'll turn and start coming right up to you. He knows his name," Jim explained.

While this beautiful bird has become the neighborhood mascot, many are concerned about how he will fare now that the weather is getting colder.

"I've been worried about him. I don't want him cold and freezing," Kelly said.