'I'm making people happy': Pennsylvania country music legend Al Shade, 95, shows no signs of slowing down

About 40 miles east of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, lies Myerstown, a peaceful, quiet place where the classic sounds of country music live on. 

It's also where FOX 29's Bill Rohrer met 95-year-old country music legend Al Shade, the one-of-a-kind personality that has performed since he was 12 years old. 

"I used to sing in the hallway of my house and sometimes in the living room," Al said. He’s blessed with a musical gift. In his day, Al and his late wife Jean shared the stage with pretty much everyone. "Oh, yeah. Dolly Parton. Porter Wagoner. Faron Young," he said listing the big names he's performed with. 

Al now spends most of his time in the recording studio he built in his basement, a place that allows him to shine. 


He works on three one-hour internet radio shows each week and he's showing no signs of slowing down. 

"It's just something that you're born with that's what I can say," he said. 

Al is motivated by his love of country music and making people smile. 

"I didn't realize that for years and years and years. And now that makes me feel so good that I'm making people happy."