Pennsylvania couple caught in rip current drowns while vacationing in Florida with 6 kids

A Pennsylvania couple drowned while vacationing in Florida with their six children. 

Brian Warter, 51, and Erica Wishard, 48, died after being caught in strong rip currents while swimming at the beach on Hutchinson Island, officials said. 

The couple's two teenage children who were with them in the water were also pulled by the rip currents, but managed to escape. Police say they tried to help their parents, but "it became too dangerous, and they were forced to swim ashore."

Erica Wishard and Brian Warter

Martin County Ocean Rescue pulled the couple from the ocean and began CPR on the beach. The couple was brought to a nearby hospital where police say they died. 

Larry and Susie Warter, Brian’s parents, took the call no parent ever wants to get, the news that their child has passed.

"It hurts, it seems like a bad dream, our two other sons are devastated," says Larry and Susie.

Larry and Susie says their son is already being missed by many. "He felt for everyone. If you want to find out about Brian ask his neighbors," says Larry and Susie.

His Downingtown had nothing but great things to say about him.

"He mowed, he shoveled my driveway many times. I feel really bad for them. I feel really bad for the boys," says John Freaney, a neighbor.

Another neighbor, Hayley Nelson, says, "My heart is broken for the children. I mean young adult, teenager, it doesn’t matter, they are still children and they had to watch their parents struggle and pass away. It’s a terrible situation and our heart is broken."

Tom Nelson, another neighbor says, "That house is empty right now and it’s empty for those boys. It’s scary, traumatic and not knowing what the next step is for them, I’m sure they have family and friends supporting them and we are here for them."

A Crisis Intervention Team Deputy assisted the children throughout the day as they waited for other family members to arrive. The community in Downingtown they are working on a way to support the family.