Pennsylvania organization hopes to change boy's life with new bike

A Radnor organization recently changed the life of a little boy batting cerebral palsy.

Five-year-old, Carl has been battling cerebral palsy for most of his life. Carl has had several surgeries from his head to his legs, but his life was recently changed by a brand-new bike.

"Eventually he will start to walk, but as of right now, this bike is like him walking, him running, him being with the kids and participating in activities, so I think this is awesome," said Carl’s mother, Crystal Pelo.

Although the bike is necessary for Carl’s muscles to receive the therapy they need, the $6,000 bike is not covered by insurance. That’s where the organization, "Help Hope Live" stepped in.


The non-profit organization is dedicated to raising money for medical bills to help families, like Carl’s. For the past 40 years, the organization has raised over $165 million to change the lives of people who are in need of financial assistance.

Every kid deserves a bike," said Kelly Green, Executive Director of Help Hope Live. "Remember when you were a kid, and you just got on your bike, and it was freedom and independence. It was like the world was open to you." 

Now, Carl has that freedom. His new bike granted him a free and happy childhood as he can now ride alongside his two older siblings. 

Donations to Help Hope Live are tax-deductible, allowing the organization to then pay medical bills directly, with hopes that people can focus on treatment and recovery. Cancer patients, transplant recipients and people who have suffered spinal cord injuries are among the grateful people whose lives have been changed by Help Hope Live. 

Anyone suffering from a life-disrupting illness, injury, or disability can apply for assistance on the Help Hope Live website