Philadelphia-area boy becomes viral sensation after 'terrible sandwich' TikTok video

"Mommy, terrible sandwich!" Those three words are all it took to create one of the most viral back-to-school TikToks this year.

It all began when Ricki Weisberg made her son Abe a grape jelly and butter sandwich for his first day of kindergarten. Little did she know - the butter had gone bad!

Just moment after stepping off the bus, Abe told his mom, "Mommy, terrible sandwich," without hesitation.

His mom responded to the brutal critique saying, "Thanks for letting me know," in a moment that has since gone viral.

The video was first posted 5 years ago. However, it gained over 40 million views when Ricki posted it to TikTok this year.

"The magic is in TikTok," Ricki said. "I posted it the morning he went to school, and by the time I picked him up it was almost at 1 million views."


It's even caught the attention of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey, who commented on the video saying, "Same."

FOX 29's Jenn Frederick caught up with the now fourth-grader and his mom in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, to make it right!

Abe got to make his favorite sandwich - a tuna salad hoagie - from Carlino's to take for lunch!