Philadelphia couple searching for dog stolen from car in Wawa parking lot

A Philadelphia couple is frantically searching for their beloved dog who they say was stolen from their car in a Wawa parking lot. 

Natalie Ciervo and Matt Berk have been searching for their 2-year-old rescue Theo for the past two weeks and have even recruited professional dog trackers. 

The Fishtown couple says they believed their car was locked when they ran inside a Port Richmond Wawa on Aramingo Avenue and returned to find Theo gone.

They immediately called police and searched for hours on the cold and rainy night when Theo went missing. 

A Fishtown couple says their dog Theo was taken from their car while they were inside a Port Richmond Wawa.

Strangely enough, the couple says Theo normally needs to be coaxed out of the car and their parking spot was in a blind spot from store surveillance cameras. 

A city wide search for Theo has unfolded over the last two weeks, with thousands of fliers posted and circulated around social media. 

There have been several sightings of Theo, but no one has been able to corral the skittish dog. The belief is that whoever took him, got scared and let him go.

"We were able to confirm some of the sightings based on cameras, ring cameras and stuff like that," Matt said. "It appears he could be on the move again."

A $5k reward has been gathered for anyone whose tip helps bring Theo home. The couple says not to approach Theo because he's easily scared and will run. 

"Your eyes and your tips are really going to bring him home," Matt said. "All we are asking is you keep your eyes open and call us."