Philadelphia experiences violent weekend with 3 fatal shootings

An 18-year-old teen, on his way home from a vigil for a shooting victim, ends up as a shooting victim. That teen didn't make it and, within minutes, more gunfire hit another person, in another part of Philadelphia.

"We got a radio call for gunshots. Upon arrival, officers found a man laying on the ground and they scooped and ran him to Presbyterian," Captain Nashid Akil, of the Philadelphia Police Department said.

Police say five shots were heard, three of them piercing the body of an 18-year-old, believed to be walking from the area of a vigil for a shooting victim, a 17-year-old, shot dead two blocks away, two nights ago.

"We're going to look to see if there's a connection, or if this individual was coming from this vigil," said Captain Akil.

Captain Akil says they're looking for the person who opened fire on the 18-year-old who was cutting through the schoolyard of a middle school. He staggered to the sidewalk where he collapsed just feet away from his home.

"It's a shame. Just in the proximity of a middle school and in the yard of a middle school. It's crazy," Captain Akil added.

Just minutes before that shooting, across town in the Tacony neighborhood, a 26-year-old male was shot twice inside a home on the 6800 block of Marsden.

"A 26-year-old male was shot two times. He was scooped by police and taken to Aria Torresdale," said Captain Thomas Davidson, with the Philadelphia Police Department.

That 26-year-old male was listed in critical condition.