Philadelphia family opens pizza shop on day off to celebrate 'best in the US' honor

The phone rang off the hook all day Wednesday at San Lucas Pizza in South Philadelphia - and there's a very special reason why!

The family-run pizzeria was just named one of the "Best Pizza Places in America" by the New York Times.

So, of course, local folks poured in to check out all the hype.

"Dad saw the article online. He's like the top 22 in the country, so we decided to come in. I'm very excited," said customer Sydney Sharkey.

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This is the second time the New York Times has recognized San Lucas Pizza, which serves much more than the traditional Philly pizza.

"We started in 2005, and we figured why not make something different because everybody is doing the same," said owner Valentin Palillero, who emigrated from Mexico several years ago.

Palillero and his wife, Eva Mendez, decided to spice things up and stay true to their roots with a variety of Mexican recipes.

"Let's do something with Mexican pizza, with avocados on top, jalapeños, peppers, wings," Palillero said.

San Lucas is normally closed on Wednesdays, but the family decided to open for business when news of the honor got out.

"We couldn't miss a big opportunity like this," Jacquelyn said. "We are so happy to have all our loyal guests. The neighborhood came out earlier, and they were so excited for us."