Philadelphia gas prices pass $5 a gallon as Pennsylvania and N.J. near painful milestone

Gas in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are just cents away from the staggering $5 mark as Philadelphia tops the record price.

In Pennsylvania, the gas price average reached $4.95 on Monday with a penny increase overnights and 19-cent increase from last week.

Philadelphia alone has already surged past the $5 mark with prices averaging $5.05 per gallon. Prices across the city are up an average of 21 cents from last week.

Prices in New Jersey are quickly approaching Philadelphia as gas hit $4.98 a gallon to start the week. The state's new average is up 2 cents overnight and 22 cents from last week.


Delaware remains the lowest in the Delaware Valley with stations charging an average of $4.80.

However, all three states are still above the national average, which currently sits at $4.86 per gallon.