Philadelphia man accused of illegally selling firearms, coordinating murder-for-hire: AG

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A Philadelphia man is facing charges after investigators say he straw purchased over two dozen firearms and arranged a murder-for-hire. 

Richard Taylor 37, was arrested in April after making a straw purchase at Frank's Gun Shop in Philadelphia, authorities said.

He was charged with several crimes, including 31 counts each of Violating the Uniform Firearms, and failed to post 10% of $5M bail.

Investigators say 12 of the 31 firearms bought and illegally sold by Taylor were recovered by Philadelphia police, and nine were found during arrests.

It's alleged that Taylor bought firearms at gun shops and online, and told buyers that he could get as many as they needed because he didn't have a criminal record.

Investigators said in April, Taylor tried to set up a murder-for-hire by offering someone $200 and a Glock handgun. 

"We have a wealth of examples to show that illegally-obtained firearms are often used for criminal activity, and oftentimes, in deadly shootings," Attorney General Michelle Henry said. 

The Philadelphia Gun Violence Task Force seized more than 500 firearms in 2023, and was part of more than 400 investigations across the city.