Philadelphia mass shooting victims honored 1 year after tragic rampage

A Kingsessing community is still grappling with grief as they mark one year since a gunman went on a shooting rampage killing five victims over the course of two days. FOX 29’s Shawnette Wilson attended a vigil at a church in Southwest Philly Wednesday night that honored the victims. 

"You will remember a year ago on this very day we gathered here as a community that was hurting," said Senior Pastor Cean James during an emotional gathering at Salt and Light church in Southwest Philly this evening.

"We are remembering the lives of the individuals who were lost. Tonight we are remembering those who were injured," he said to a community still grieving. 

They gathered for healing and to remember the five people killed in the mass shooting July 3, 2023 in the area of 56th and Chester.

"While most Philadelphians are accustomed to a certain level of violence, a mass shooting is very different and just the uncertainty of a neighbor coming down the street with a gun and shooting as many people is really weird for everyone," said Pastor James. The vigil focused on uplifting the community.

"This year is more hopeful," he said. They sang and held prayer as some held candles in memory of the victims.


District Attorney Larry Krasner also spoke to give an update on the investigation and resources for victims' families.

"We stand with them. We stand with you. We understand this incident did not just affect certain families. It affected the community, it affected the city and like every mass shooting it affects the entire country," he said.

Following the memorial at the church, they walked toward the site of the shooting to say the names of those killed in the mass shooting and others lost to gun violence around the city.

"We remember them," the crowd chanted.

District Attorney Krasner says the next court date for the suspected gunman is August 14, which is also when they expect to have a date for the trial to begin.