Philadelphia organizations team to prevent gun violence, through education and engagement

Several organizations came together on Saturday at Belfield Recreation Center to hold a Gun Violence Prevention Day event.

It was hosted by the Omega Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Philadelphia Police officers were there holding a gun buyback and handed out gift cards in exchange for guns.

"Let’s do all that we can to protect our communities," said Charlene Collins, president of the Omega Omega AKAs. "I’m a native Philadelphian and we have to do what we can to show that we have to get the guns off the streets."


"There are far too many illegal guns on the street," said Commissioner Danielle Outlaw of the Philadelphia Police Department. "We have to do something about getting these guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them."

Nayyar Tenner currently lives in South Philly and attended the event to support gun violence prevention efforts.

"Typically, in Philadelphia, we’re seeing, as of late, far too many murders, far too many killings, far too many acts of violence," said Tenner.

Tenner said the gun violence is reaching every part of the city including her own family. "[My cousin] was shot on Easter Sunday. It was really hard for our family. It was very touch and go, we weren’t sure if he would make it, but we’re very grateful that he did make it."

The event also featured workshops which gave people attending an opportunity to open up and share their concerns, pain and fears.

Dr. Dorothy Johnson-Speight, the National Executive Director and Founder of Mothers in Charge, led one of the small groups.

"My son was Khaaliq Jabbar Johnson, and several years ago, he was shot and killed. Shot to death over a parking space," said Dr. Johnson-Speight. "Being here today allows us to be able to share information about the work we do, the services we provide and that there is hope and healing."

Collins said Omega Omega AKAs will continue engaging community members in future events to make Philadelphia safer for everyone.