Philadelphia parents prepare kids for a return to classrooms, in-person

FOX 29 is ready for a Classroom Comeback. The first day of school is right around the corner and to help with the transition, the United States Department of Education has released a checklist to help families get ready.

Kenneth Eubanks and his brother might disagree how getting the vaccine felt, but they both wanted to get the COVID-19 vaccine, because the rest of their family did and for others.

"I know, probably, people my age are not going to do it, just because, but I think they should do it, just because, it’s getting it out of the way and helping people around them," Kenneth Eubanks explained, after receiving his first dose.

"We want to get this thing moving forward, trying to get past it and we know getting vaccinated was one of the things that’s going to help out," parent Winston Eubanks added.

They attended one of several vaccine clinics hosted by the Philadelphia Health Department and school district to get kids who are eligible vaccinated.

Vaccines are also on top of a checklist released by the U.S. Department of Education Monday to make sure parents can get their kids prepared for the fall.

The checklist also includes talking to schools about health and safety protocols and, if a child isn’t eligible for a vaccine, strategies to keep them safe at school and making a plan to access safe transportation.

"We encourage everyone to pay attention to that kind of guidance to make sure we can start the school year safely," David Broderick, with the Pennsylvania State Education Association, stated.

The association said their goal is to make sure every school starts, continues and ends the school year in-person.

In Philadelphia, the health department said that means extra layers of defense, like masks, something the checklist also pushes, especially as cases rise, due to the Delta variant.

Right next to the clinic, people were seen in line for testing.

"We know that there are people who are fully vaccinated and can still catch COVID, so this is another defense, another layer of defense," Philadelphia DPH Spokesperson James Garrow commented.

Eubanks said it’s a small sacrifice and worth it for in-person learning.

"At-home schooling was really a struggle for them, so going back in-person is something that they’re looking forward to," Winston Eubanks elaborated.

More information can be found at the U.S. Department of Education.



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