Philadelphia police investigate high-end burglaries

Philadelphia police say they are investigating two high-end burglaries that happened two hours apart. Police are looking into the two crimes are connected.

If you're a fan of high-end sneakers like the one's some celebrity's wear, a so called sneaker head, Dakar City on Kensington Avenue is like a candy store.

The owner, who asked us not to identify him, says some of the sneakers he sells go for as much as $5,000 a pair, which might explain why Sunday morning a burglary crew cut through the rear cinder block wall and cut the surveillance cameras.

"When I got here the store was empty," he told FOX 29.

Police say the bandits got away with $200,000 in sneakers and $40,000 in cash.

"They were here for like an hour and half, minimum. How many trips did they make in and out?. So far, as far as the video from the liquor store shows they made 15 trips," he explained.

Two hours before the Dakar City break-in about two miles away there was another high-end burglary at a jewelry store. Again, the alleged thieves cut through a concrete wall. They were caught on camera inside and FOX 29 has the video.

"Where that thing happened is not too far from here. So ever since then we've been watching out," the owner of Dakar City said.

Detectives are now comparing notes on these two big money ripoffs trying to determine if the same crew pulled off both crimes.

"We didn't have no insurance for the store at all so it's like a personal loss," the owner added."My wish towards them-- I wish I could catch them myself. That's what i wish."

During the break-in at the sneaker store, the owner says cameras from a nearby store caught the bandits loading huge garbage bags filled with sneakers and clothes into two cars. They even used lookouts in front of the store to spot police. So far, no suspects have been identified and there have been no arrests.