Philadelphia to Unveil 'Papal Playbook' at Noon Monday

The city knows you have questions about the papal visit.

On Monday, officials will release a "Papal Playbook" that they hope will calm fears.

You can find that information at the following link beginning at noon on Monday, August 24 th :

At a press conference last Thursday, the city gave several updates.

Trash and recyclables will be collected Thursday, but not over the weekend.

More than two dozen taxis will be running in the traffic box until 2:00 a.m. Saturday and then again on Monday morning at 3:00 a.m.

Septa will have detours but lines will go as close as they can to off-load passengers.

Those with cars inside the box can drive, but with more than a million expected - you might be better off on foot.

Officials admit the playbook will not answer every question residents and visitors will have, but it will be updated as more inquiries are addressed.

The city's 3-1-1 call center will be open 24-7 beginning Thursday, September 24th through Monday September 28th.