Philadelphia welcomes another bus of asylum seekers sent from Texas

A bus of asylum seekers arrived in Philadelphia Wednesday sent from Texas.

The bus pulled into 30th Street Station early Wednesday morning.

The city reports 49 people traveled on a bus from Texas to Philadelphia. 43 of the migrants were taken to the city’s welcoming facility on East Luzerne Street in North Philadelphia. 

The migrants hail from Colombia, Cuba, Panama, Peru, Nicaragua, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. All of the people arriving were fully screened by Customs and Border Patrol, before they boarded the bus for Philly.

Each of the people were greeted by city officials and allowed an opportunity for health screenings, food and water, legal services, social services and language interpreters, through an array of non-profit groups and local hospitals.

This marks the third time in November Philadelphia has welcomed asylum seekers from Texas.

FOX 29’s Steve Keeley estimates that the Philadelphia has welcomed close to 200 migrants so far, but only a few travelers had Philadelphia listed as their final destination. 

Only five of the 28 migrants on the first busload of migrants planned on staying in Philadelphia, according to the city. Other passengers have final destinations in other parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Ohio.

Philadelphia is the latest city added to Texas Governor Greg Abbott's list of sanctuary cities to receive migrants, joining Washington D.C., New York City and Chicago.