Philadelphia Zoo announces passing of polar bear Coldilocks

The Philadelphia Zoo has announced the passing of their 37-year-old female polar bear Coldilocks.

Zoo officials announced Tuesday that Coldilocks had been euthanized following a serious decline in her health due to age-related medical issues.

At age 37, Coldilocks well surpassed a typical polar bear lifespan of about 23 years, and was the oldest polar bear in the country at the time of her death.

"We are truly saddened this week - Coldilocks will be greatly missed." says Dr. Andy Baker, Chief Operating Officer at the Zoo.

"Her long and healthy life is a testimony to nutrition and veterinary attention she received, and to the generations of keepers who cared for and about her over her lifetime. For more than three decades, Coldilocks brought attention to the issues facing polar bears in the wild including climate change and its growing negative impact on arctic ice. The Zoo works to share ways in which we all can make small changes in our daily lives to reduce energy use, contributing to efforts to slow climate change," Baker added.

Those wanting to make a donation in Coldilock's honor should visit the zoo's website and put her name in the honor section and the address should be Philadelphia Zoo.