Phillies surprise inquiring fan with tickets to Autism Awareness Night

Despite a rough couple of years on the field, the Philadelphia Phillies seem to be doing a great job of winning the hearts of their fans off the field.

Monday afternoon, they went above and beyond to respond to a fan who was inquiring about the possibility of the team hosting an Autism Awareness Night.

Twitter user @DADitood, sent a tweet to the Phillies asking the team if they would be hosting such an event this year, and explained that his 3-year-old daughter, a Phillies fan, would love to go.

The Phillies wasted no time responding, and informed the fan that they would be hosting an Autism Awareness Night on April 22, and included a link to ticket information.

The fan thanked them and explained how excited his daughter would be.

Then the Phillies responded once more saying: "How about we send you a ticket voucher that you can use for that game. Does that work? #RandomPhandom"

The fan replied saying, "That would be awesome," and the Phillies assured him they would be in touch.