Philly cop facing arrest in an alleged road rage shooting

Another local law enforcement officer finds himself on the wrong side of the law. This time there's accusations of road rage and shots fired.

The Philadelphia Police Department's code is honor, integrity, service, but for two officers about to face arrest and four more busted recently that code just didn't ring true.

"It should not say fear, or lack of integrity when I get power," said councilman Curtis Jones Wednesday night.

"Just being able to identify people that are committing bad acts and being able to remove them from the ranks and being proactive is actually a good thing," Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew told FOX 29.

FOX 29 has learned that a veteran officer from the 22nd District is expected to be charged Thursday in an off- duty road rage incident. He told police he opened fire at a car load of people outside Temple Hospital after they struck him on his motorcycle. The officer claimed he identified himself and was dragged by the vehicle. Sources say the ensuing investigation and videotape didn't bear that out. One of his stray bullets went through a lobby window at the hospital.

This latest arrest comes in the wake of four officers arrested for a variety of crimes. One was charged with animal cruelty, another with child pornography.

"Very disturbing, very troubling allegations. The evidence in that case is digital in nature, it's nothing you can look away from," Captain Kinebrew said.

Weeks later, Officer Adam Soto was charged with homicide by vehicle after killing a man while allegedly speeding with another officer.

Police say two weeks ago, 10 year veteran Antonio Mayhew was busted after he left his district while on duty and in uniform, allegedly assaulted his wife, then chased her in his police car with the lights and sirens on. She collided with another car, critically injuring another driver.

"To use the commissioner's words. It was reprehensible from start to finish," according to Capt. Kinebrew.

Another officer assigned to an elite FBI drug strike force is under investigation for allegedly skimming heroin from dealers, giving the drugs to a prostitute, who then ended up in a fatal car crash.

"What we know so far. Very troubling," the police spokesman said.

"There's 6,500 police officers in the city. Six or seven makes a small percentage that are bad cops," councilman Jones added.

The department says it reviews policies and procedures after each arrest to see if it's isolated or widespread and if improvements can be made. The latest officer to be charged is expected to surrender tomorrow morning. Councilman Jones believes body cameras will protect the public and police.