Philly social worker, foster mom opens home to help girls in need reach their full potential

What started as a passion for one Philadelphia woman, has given promise to dozens of girls in need of a loving, supportive home.

Naima Powell has worked to change the lives of young people in Philadelphia for 20 years, and Saturday she unveiled her first center - a home for girls ages 10 to 17.

The 3-bedroom house on Regent Street in Southwest Philadelphia will soon be home to six children whose families are unable to care for them.

Powell, the found and director of Lighthouse Family Youth Agency, is determined to provide young girls with the comfort and security of knowing they are loved and supported. 

"Youth will come in through the welfare system, and our goal is to teach them and advocate with them to be the best versions of themselves," Powell said.

She's been a foster mom for 20 years, providing a loving home for 15 years.

"My mom raised me since I was two months old after my biological mother wasn't really there for me, and built me into the person I am," said Divine Cannedy, Powell's daughter.

As a social worker, Powell says her lifelong goal is to help children reach their full potential.

"Children between the ages of 10 to 17 need the guidance, need the support, they need people who are accepting of them," she said. "People who believe in them, people who are committed to their dreams, desires and goals."

She is looking forward to the next few weeks to see this house become a home for these children.

"I know this was her passion and seeing it develop and seeing the person she became and the business she built, I'm very proud of her," Powell's daughter said.

If you would like to volunteer, visit the Lighthouse Family Youth Agency website.