Pickpocket suspects sought in Bensalem theft

Police in Bensalem are looking for a man and a woman they say stole a wallet, and used it to buy more than $1,600 worth of snacks and gift cards.

Surveillance video from a Chick Fil A on Horizon Boulevard appears to show the male suspect taking a wallet from the purse of an unsuspecting woman Wednesday around 3:00 p.m.

Video shows the male suspect position himself behind the woman, while the female suspect keeps lookout. The man manages to reach into the woman's purse, as it hung from the back of her chair, and obtain her wallet.

Police say following the theft, the couple made their way to a Target in Bensalem, and purchased 1,600 worth of Visa Gift Cards as well as snacks. When the suspects tried to make three more purchases at a Philadelphia Target, they were declined.

Police have described the pair as a black male with a beard, and a white female. They were seen driving a silver sedan, though the make and model is unknown.