Plane makes emergency landing in West Chester field

As far as plane crash landings go, one witness called this one 'perfect.'

No one was hurt when a pilot had to bring his small plane down in a field in West Chester on Sunday.

But, before the plane stopped, it flew between traffic on Route 322, went underneath power lines, clipped a pole, and lost a wing.

Officials on scene said the pilot was shaken, but otherwise fine. He told police he had problems with oil pressure while flying from Trenton-Mercer Airport in New Jersey to Gaithersburg, Maryland.

The oil pressure issues forced him to make an emergency landing.

"When I yelled to him, I said 'are you okay?' And he said 'yes,'" said witness Caron Cramer. "I'm like, praise God. Another guy goes, 'that's a miracle' and it really was. For him to miss anybody on he highway, not knock the pole over, and for him to be safe through the whole thing."

The FAA is continuing to investigate the incident.

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