Police Chief honors families request to see shooting video of Keith Scott

Charlotte Mayor Roberts and CMPD Chief Putney held a news conference in regards to the second night of Charlotte Protests after Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by a police officer on Tuesday.

"We stand united in moving our city forward, I ask for calm, peaceful demonstrations," Roberts said.

Roberts said the city has partnered with additional resources to secure our city Thursday and that it is open for business as usual.

Gov. McCrory declares State of Emergency after protests in Charlotte, National Guard arrives

One man was shot during the protests and is in critical condition, according to CMPD.

Chief Putney said, "An allegation was made one of our CMPD officers was involved in shooting; we're investigating that as best the evidence can show us."

The National Guard arrived in Charlotte around 3:00 a.m. Thursday morning and is here to mainly help with Charlotte infrastructure, according to the chief.

"We had a lot of looting and our intent is to protect, prevent future damage," Chief Putney said.

Chief Putney confirmed 9 civilians were injured, 2 officers had eye issues and 3 officers were treated for heat. CMPD made a total of 44 arrests.

Mayor Roberts said she was in constant contact with the chief and Medic. She said they made the decision collaboratively when to ask for additional resources.

Chief Putney said the family requested to see the video of Keith Lamont Scott and they're honoring it.

The NC State Bureau has been called to move forward with the investigation.

"We release video when we believe there is a compelling reason, but I'm not going to jeopardized investigation, not going to release to public at this time," Chief Putney said.

There will be a heavy police presence in Charlotte Thursday night and Chief Putney doesn't see a need to shut down the city.