Police: Elementary students ingest cereal bars laced with pot

Police say some elementary school students went from the classroom to the emergency room after they ate cereal bars laced with pot at Blankenburg Elementary School in West Philadelphia.

Police say a student made the cereal bars containing pot and was giving classmates samples in the school yard to see if they wanted to buy some. Three 13 year olds and two 12 years old ingested them and were sickened.

"The kids did have marijuana in their system and the one kid was clearly hallucinating,"Southwest Detectives Lt. John Walker said.

Police say the edibles were packaged with cellophane and labeled with a sticker that said "Stay Woke."

"We know at some house his father was staying at he was making these item with the father's knowledge," Lt. Walker said.

Police are reminding parents to be watchful of what you're kids are doing.

The school released a statement on what happened saying in part:

"An illegal substance on campus is a serious concern to all of us. Incidents with the potential to compromise the health or safety of students are taken very seriously and will be dealt with according to district policy."