Police: Group attacked man at East Lansdowne gas station before stealing his car

A brazen attack is caught on camera at a Delaware County gas station. Video shows four people assaulting a man. He was sore and bruised, but fortunately he got out of the situation without having to go to the hospital.

Keith Perry may never look at pumping gas the same.

Cameras at the East Lansdowne Sunoco captured the moments four people approached him while filling up around 2:30 in the morning on September 1st.

He ran inside the store to get help and police say he was attacked, his keys stolen out of his pocket, and the group left in his car.

“It’s scary, hurtful. They were just sitting around at the Sunoco like it was the thing to do and then I thought there was something kind of weird and then, I got punched upside the head,” Perry explained.

“At some point, they didn’t like what they see, so they come back and they regroup here,” Detective Sgt. James Cadden, with the East Lansdowne Police, said.

Detective Sgt. Cadden says this group of what appears to be teens do not know Perry. He says cameras show them visibly casing the parking lot for the right person and moment.

“They scoped out and picked out numerous other victims, but for one reason or another, did not move on them, until they saw this one man by himself and they attacked,” Detective Sgt. Cadden added.

“In the morning, I’m in the bed anyway, where they should be, you know?” stated Gail Grandy.

Grandy is among many familiar with the Sunoco along busy East Baltimore Pike who found the news disturbing, but also frustrating since those responsible look young.

“These parents are part of the problem because they are not guiding their children in the right direction,” Crystal Davis remarked.

“That could’ve been me and if I hurt one of them, I’d be going to jail and that’s sad,” David Johnson said.

Now police and Perry want people to take a close look at the four caught on camera before someone else gets hurt.

“There’s older people than me and I don’t want to see anyone else get hurt and I’m hoping they get caught,” Perry said.


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