Police in Delaware County investigate child luring attempt

Police in Delaware County are warning residents after a child luring attempt. Alerts were sent out at first to schools and parents in two school Delaware County districts. Then Tuesday afternoon, police reported one of those claims was unfounded. However, police are still investigating a case involving a little boy.

Police say an incident took place in Middletown Township Monday morning when a 10-year-old waiting for the bus outside of Glen Riddle Apartments was reportedly approached by a male suspect. The man allegedly drove up to him and asked if the child would like to drive his van. After the child said he did not, the man took off.

The suspect's van is described as white with no windows and a dented passenger side with red lettering. The boy's father also related that he had seen this particular vehicle in the parking lot over the last two weeks with a suspected Autism awareness sticker affixed to its side.

The suspect's van is described as white with no windows, a ladder rack and red lettering on the side.

No arrests have been made at this time.

Anyone with information regarding the alleged incidents is urged to contact police at (484) 840-1000.