Police in Germantown seek two responsible for vicious beating and robbery

Imagine an ordinary workday violently interrupted by two robbers storming in and giving a beating with a wrench. It happened quickly and viciously in Germantown. Philadelphia police want the two responsible off the streets.

"Just like that, you know?" stated victim Ahmed Hagos.

In an instant, a life or death situation. Two robbers running into Star One Wireless at 2:15 in the afternoon Wednesday, December 12, jumping the counter, not only to rob the store, but to viciously attack two innocent employees. One immediately threw his arms up to cooperate and he is nailed in the head with a wrench at least 20 times. Bruised and bloody, a photo shows his fight to escape.

"I broke my tooth, you see?" said Anwar Khedar.

A broken tooth and stitches near his skull, 41-year-old Khedar is home from the hospital, happy to be alive and still trying to comprehend such senseless violence.

"Somebody purposely trying to hurt you, to even kill you. I couldn't believe it," Khedar said.

Khedar's uncle, Ahmed Hagos is the other victim visibly beaten in video. Hagos is back at work, commited to making a living for his wife and three daughters in a neighborhood of people that he's always considered family.

"We are shocked because after 18 years, we don't expect to happen like this. Everybody knows us," Hagos said.

But, Ahmed and Anwar made it clear they do not recognize these cold, callous young men, hiding behind face masks. Police are hoping the public can help get the brazen duo off the streets before they find their next victims.

"We believe someone might recognize their clothing or walk and give us direction on this," said Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew.