Police in mourning after longtime K-9 officer passes away

Jenkintown police are reporting some sad news: the passing of their beloved K-9 officer Rocky.

Rocky was put to sleep Saturday morning with his handler and partner, Lt. Rick Tucker, by his side.

Rocky served the Jenkintown and surrounding communities for almost nine years.

He is credited with numerous narcotic and burglary suspect finds.

Rocky also touched many lives -- young and old -- as he did many demonstrations for various children's groups such as the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, and civic organizations such as the Kiwanis Club.

In 2014, Rocky was sick and needed donations to cover a life-saving intestinal surgery. He got that surgery and was doing great.

Rocky retired last August at age 11, just six weeks after apprehending yet another burglar.

His handler and partner, Lt. Tucker, is certainly devastated by the loss of Rocky, but wanted to thank everyone for their support during this very difficult time