Police investigate rash of car break-ins in South Philadelphia

Police are investigating a rash of car break-ins in South Philadelphia.

Mark McKinney knows the financial sting of having your car broken into. Twice in recent weeks, thieves have busted a window on his Kia Sorento in South Philadelphia and stolen items out of his car.

"I lost 52 cents this time. Last time, I had a check book in there and they bought themselves a new car on my checkbook," McKinney told FOX 29 Monday night.

Neighbors say there have been about a dozen car break ins recently on 4 th Street, Morris and Moore. Broken glass can be seen up and down the blocks. Drew Petronis has had his car windows smashed out several times.

Over at 4 th and Moore, neighbors say thieves have been busting car windows and stealing from cars. Police have been collecting surveillance video from nearby bars and businesses, hoping to catch the thieves in action.

Will Clogan and his girlfriend live on Morris Street. They say finding parking near their home is tough, so news of the break-ins and thefts have them on edge.

"Definitely gonna be heightening security a little bit. Keep an eye out," Clogan explained.

Meanwhile, Mark McKinney says the break-ins are not only disturbing, they've spoiled the perception of his own neighborhood.

Neighbors say police have stepped up patrols in the area. Many say they don't leave anything valuable in their cars. Police are urging residents to keep their doors and windows closed and locked.