Police investigate rash of shootings in East Germantown

Police in cars, on bikes and in SWAT units swarmed the area of Woodstock and Medary in East Germantown just before six o'clock Friday evening.

They're looking for two gunmen who shot a 34-year old man who was taken to Einstein.

"This is a continuation of a vicious cycle of killings," said Reverend Robert Shine who pastors Berachah Baptist Church a block from where it happened. He watched as residents peered at the crime scene from their porches in this area for the third time this week.

"That's the great fear. Parents are reluctant to have their children playing out in the street or parents themselves, the elderly in particular, are afraid to come out on their porch," said Reverend Shine.

Thursday night gunfire rang out in another East Germantown neighborhood of Ashmeade and Clarkson. Police say 50 shots were fired.

Several people were shot. The youngest victim is 6-year old Mahaj Brown who was in a car with an adult who was driving him home when police say rival groups opened fired in the neighborhood.

"This is a reckless disregard for life and now you have a six year old fighting for his life over something that I guarantee you makes no sense," said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross.

Bullets also pierced several homes including Juan William's house.

"My head is right here. You can see that would have been my head if I was standing here," said Williams pointing to the bullet holes.

No one has been arrested in any of this week's shootings including the 6300 block of Woodstock where a six-year old girl was hit by a stray bullet Tuesday. Neighbors are fed up.

"We should instill in our children how to respect each other. And if more parents or adults were like that it would be a better outcome in the community," said Yavette Wallace.

"It's reprehensible that there continues to be this black on black crime," said Reverend Shine.

The Mayor's office is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects involving in the shootings of both six-year olds.

Also, in Thursday night's shooting at Ashmeade and Clarkson, police say the suspects may be have been in a green Mercury Mountaineer and possibly a 2005 dark brown Ford Explorer.