Police investigate robbery at Chinese Food takeout restaurant in Logan

Restaurant owner Peter Lu is still shaken after one of his customers was brutally attacked and robbed right in front of him.

Surveillance video shows the assault around 12:40 early Thursday morning inside new Wong House on North Broad.

"It happen in 10 seconds like that so fast," Lu told FOX 29.

Watch the customer, wearing an orange shirt with his face blurred. He places his cash on the counter as he waits for his order. That's when the two alleged robbers come up behind him. The video shows the man with the backpack struggling with the victim for his wallet, striking the customer in the face. This next angle shows his alleged accomplice stealing the money right off the counter where the victim had left it for Lu.

"Very violent robbery. Strong-arm robbery as we would call it. There was no weapon used but we're talking about robbery of 62-year-old male who was there just picking up his food," Philadelphia Police Captain Malachi Jones said.

Captain Jones says the suspects may have been lying in wait looking for an easy target.