Police investigate vandalism at Upper Providence Twp. amphitheater

Police in Upper Providence Township are investigating vandalism at an amphitheater. The vandals left behind thousands of dollars of damage.

Upper Providence Township Police Detective Shea Johnson showed FOX 29's Chris O'Connell the extensive damage vandals left behind inside the amphitheater at Anderson Farm Park.

Police took pictures after they say a group of at least three teenagers went to town--destroying mostly everything in sight.

"Each storage room on each side were ransacked. The light fixtures. The halogen lights themselves--all broken," Detective Johnson said. "Fire extinguishers were broken,some fans,some other equipment"

The desecration of several American flags had this veteran's blood boiling.

"Everyone, whether you are a juvenile or and adult knows the American flag does not go on the floor," Detective Johnson said. "And you definitely don't soil it or damage it. First thing we did when we entered this room is put that back up where it should have been."

Left behind was more than $10,000 in damage. It's tough pill to swallow for residents who take pride in their recreation facilities. The amphitheater is used by summer day camps, outdoor theater and concerts in the park.

"It feels as if it's somebody local and that they've been hanging out there for a while based on the numerous attempts to break-in, Recreation Center Manager Holly Brinton said.

Police say the vandal did leave one on big clue behind their bong.