Woman, 3-year-old child injured in hit-and-run in North Philadelphia; family pleads for answers

Police are investigating a hit-and-run that left a woman and a toddler seriously injured on Sunday.

Police say the incident happened at 8 p.m. on the 100 block of West Luzerne Street. Multiple radio calls were placed regarding the incident. 

"Please! Whoever you are, just come forward. If you have a conscience, it’s a three-year-old baby, if not for nothing else. Please just come forward and just let us know anything," cried Lorraine Graulau, sister and aunt to the victims.

Graulau praying someone has information on who hit her sister and nephew, 37-year-old Rebecca Malave and three-year-old Armani.

"She is on life-support. She is fighting for her life, so if we can get anybody, I mean anybody, I don’t care how minute you might think it is. It’s not minute. If you seen anything, if you caught a flash, if you might have seen a car riding by really fast in that area. If a car rode past and looked like it had a dent in it, a window, a side rear view mirror. Anything," Graulau continued.

Initially, they were both taken to Temple University Hospital before the toddler was taken to St. Christopher's Children's Hospital. 


"I just hope that somebody does the right thing," said Captain Mark Overwise of the Philadelphia Police. "We don’t have a whole lot of information on this. All we know is that they are both hurt very badly and their family is looking for answers and, frankly, the Philadelphia Police Department is looking for answers, as well."

"There’s got to be something. Someone has to know something. It was eight o’clock. It was still daylight outside. It’s a really, really busy avenue. If you know anything, we’re still trying to piece this together," the victim’s brother stated.

The family says they do know a person on a motorcycle stopped by, picked up Armani and rushed him to the hospital. They hope that Good Samaritan can shed light on what happened.

"The person who picked my nephew up and took him to the hospital, if you could just come out. Because, I know maybe you might have seen something the other people didn’t see. We want to thank you for picking him up and getting him there," Lorraine added.

A search for the driver of the striking vehicle is underway. 



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