Police investigating possible package theft ring in Maple Shade

Authorities are searching for a person of interest in possible New Jersey package theft ring who police believe is impersonating as a delivery driver. 

The investigation started after a Burlington County woman said her purse and a flash drive filled with pictures of her late mother was stolen from her car Thursday night.

"Completely violated, not being able to get those irreplaceable items back it just weighs on you, it sucks," the woman who asked to remain anonymous said. 

The thieves allegedly used her stolen credit cards and her home address to order 2 iPhone 13's valued at $1300 each. Home security camera shows a person dressed in a FedEx uniform knock on the woman's door just after the packages were dropped off. 

The family knew something was wrong, and her son followed the suspected imposter FedEx driver to a van with stolen license plates. 

"My son questioned him are you really a Fed Ex employee or are you here just to steal these iPhones off my mom," she said. "He got upset and my son took a whole bunch of pictures of him, and he flew off my porch and went running."

Shortly after the confrontation, the same man was seen on another doorbell camera placing an empty box on a home's step and taking another. Police have labeled him a person of interest. 

"I just can’t believe he can do this, I just want to be sure he gets caught before it happens to anyone else," the victim said. 

The Maple Shade Police Department and FedEx are investigating this suspected package theft ring. 



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