Police: Man Abducts Three People and Crashes Vehicle When Fleeing

Police say a man abducted three people and then crashed his SUV crashing into a building.

Okina Thompson says she was involved in an abusive relationship that exploded into violence overnight.

Police say the sequence of dangerous evens began in Southwest Philadelphia when the suspect kidnapped Okina's mom and brother at gunpoint.

"He told my little brother if you don't do what I tell you I'm going to shoot you," Thompson said.

Next, the suspect drove to where Thomspon was staying with her sister in Brewerytown, according to Thomspon.

"I told my sister, 'I'm scared, I'm scared.' We went to open the door and he just rushed in, coming right after me," she said.

She initially got away but the suspect chased her down and threw her into his vehicle and sped away. The SUV slammed into a parked Mercedes and rolled over so that it became wedged in a wall.

Thompson was able to climb out of one of the vehicles windows, and the suspect went after her, according to witnesses.

"I was about to die. I was really about to lose my life," Thompson says.

Still wearing her hospital bracelet from that night and suffering bruises all over her body, Thompson is just glad to have survived the night.

"I can't believe I'm here, alive," she says.