Police: Man arrested after road rage incident with family in car

Delaware State Police have arrested and charged a 39-year-old man after a road rage incident turned physical Sunday.

Police say the incident began as Jason Reed, of Syracuse, New York, drove behind a 50-year-old man in another vehicle in the left lane on US-13.

Reed became irritated that the other man had been driving the speed limit in the left lane, and attempted to pass him on the right, before he swerved back into the left lane, and struck the front of the other driver's car, police say.

Both cars then pulled into the center median, and Reed exited his car to confront the driver of the other car. That's when police say Reed began arguing with the other driver, who is disabled and used a cane.

That argument then turned physical, and the two men began fighting in the center median, falling into the other driver's car, further damaging it.

The 50-year-old victim was able to separate from the fight after taking a tactical advantage over Reed and forcing him to the ground prior to the trooper's arrival.

State police say Reed's wife and two children were in his vehicle during the incident and were uninjured in the incident.

The victim suffered minor injuries during the scuffle, but did not require medical attention.

Reed was charged with possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a felony, four counts of reckless endangerment, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, and other related charges.